Saturday, May 26, 2012

Children Funds

Samaritans Without Borders have opened another program to cater for the future of children especially the most underprivileged. Check very often for more information or check here for news and updates.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Other programs

 Work exchange:
- to assist Congolese to come to work in Canada  on short term period in areas where there is shortage of  staff like in the fisheries, agriculture
- to promote health information technology and use of computers in the healthcare
Add Program: Technology
- to ecourage knowledge and technology transfer between the developed nations and the Congo
Add program: Refugees
- to sponsor refugees from the Congo to immigrate to Canada

Phicorp Consulting Services

When we started " Samaritans without borders" we soon realized that our aversion of over dependency on grants and donations required some strategic planning. Thus we created NAZARENE ASSOCIATES, an operational model, incorporating both profit and non-profit within the same structure.
We hope to provide services in the area of:
1. Cleaning services > rebate for seniors > 65 years
2. Child Development: Christian Daycare at low cost & fitness/nutrition/leadership > fighting Obesity
3. Christian School French & English
4. Immigration Consultation (to Canada) especially for those who do not have access to Immigration Information (cic website)
5. Rehabilitation of Mentally Challenged people & Drug Addicts
6. Youth Workforce Development Services: 14-21 years, GED, Employment Counseling
7.  Family Development Services: strengthening families and promoting healthy lifestyles
 >> case management  >> counseling >> crisis intervention >> emergency assistance- food/clothing
>> parenting classes >> health & wellness workshops >> skills for self sufficiency
8. Seniors services: health & nutrition classes, >> dance therapy
9.  Provide services to Seniors at low cost
10. Design and Develop websites especially for Organizations in Congo-DRC with no access to modern technology
11. Run a Nazarene shop ( Mini shop, gas station- 4 pumpsx2= 8 pumps, car wash station
12. Run  a senior's home care
13. Run Online service " Nazarene Sparkle"  (

- Online Nutrition & fitness programs for consumers
- Online corporate wellness
- Online pregnancy fitness & nutrition
- Online Nazarene Sparkle for christian movies, christian books, christian TV, christian radio 5-10 $ monthly subscription

Monday, September 19, 2011

About US

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11).
To serve those in need, to give hope and a future to those in need. We want to contribute to the spread of the spirit of helpfulness and to serve and give hope to those in need.
Employing Love, Compassion, Integrity in everything we do and having the commitment to achieve our goals and mission.
Our mission is:
- Raising awareness of the plight faced by the poverty stricken underprivileged people in the Congo-DRC;
- Combating poverty through improving access to health services and to better sanitary living conditions including clean water and healthier lifestyle in communities in need;
- Improving access to education through support of students, scholarships, sponsorship and building classrooms in communities in need in.
- Providing assistance to victims of famine, war, volcanic eruption and other natural disasters and humanitarian catastrophes;
- Combating poverty by promoting farming and agriculture.
- To promote good environment by planting trees
History    Statement of Faith    Mission    Vision    Values
- Frank and Lilian are humanitarians living in Canada. They help people in the Congo-DRC. Frank could every month send some money to Congo-DRC to support children at school. He once asked his young brother to give him the number of children who are not attending school in the village of Muhungwe. When Frank got the numbers he was shocked. More than 80% were not going to school. Many have passed the school age. In the academic year 2009-2010 Frank and Lilian sponsored 13 students, 4 at University, 2 at Secondary School and the rest at Primary school. Two students completed their Bachelor degree. In the academic year 2010-2011 Frank and Lilian have 11 students to sponsor. That is where the idea to create Samaritans Without Borders Canada originated from.
The story of Ms Adele Bujisho inspired us. Of notice these 13 students were being looked after by Ms Adele Bujisho. Among these children there is Louise. Louise was born in a refugee camp in 1996. Soon after her birth, the camp was bombarded by the armies fighting in Eastern DRC. Her mother lost life in the bombardment. Her father escaped death with the tiny baby and found refuge in Muhungwe. In Muhungwe LouiseĆ¢€™s father was helped to settle by Ms. Adele Bujisho. Ms Adele Bujisho felt pity for Louise. Ms Adele Bujisho took Louise and helped her to nurture. It was hard but the little Louise soon grew big and healthier. War broke again in Eastern DRC in 1998. LouiseĆ¢€™s father was kidnapped and he never returned home. Louise remained in Ms. Adele Bujisho and she joined other student at the Kibabi primary school. Ms Adele Bujisho suffered some health problems. She moved to the city of Goma for treatment. Louise moved with her. Louise was finishing her primary school when Ms Adele Bujisho passed away leaving Louise and other children she was supporting with no help.
- In the Congo-DRC children have to pay school fees at school. On top of that they have to buy notebooks, textbooks, uniforms and other school utilities.
- Frank and Lilian soon realized they cannot afford to pay school fees and school related expenses to all these children. They also realized there were thousands of children not attending school because of poverty and have no means to pay school fees. They wondered how they could help these children explore their educational potential. They approached their friends in Canada for help.
- Frank, Lilian and Friends gathered one day and created the Samaritans without Borders Canada to help communities in need in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Besides helping children at school, Samaritans Without Borders wants to combat poverty, to raise awareness of the plight faced by poor and underprivileged in the Congo, to improve sanitary living conditions and to care for and help the needy in brief wants to help the poor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


In partnership with:

1. UBSD; Union of Good Samaritans for Development ( in French “Union des Bons Samaritains pour le Developpement –UBSD”): Congo-DRC.

Contact Person:

        Mr. Dominique Bamenya
        Executive Director
        P. O. Box 122 Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo
        Phone: +243 99 897 2345

2. Eglise Evangelique Libre d'Afrique : Evangelical Free Church of Africa: Congo-DRC.

Contact Person:

        Pastor Janvier Barawigenera
        Eglise Evangelique Libre d'Afrique (Evangelical Free church of Africa-EELA)
        Phones: +243990664190; +243808576654; +243853431356

3. Adele Bujisho Foundation

 Goma, RDC


Project 1: Sponsoring Students
In partnership with Adela Bujisho Foundation based in the DR Congo, Samaritans Without Borders Society is sponsoring 13 students

01Julienne B.3rd YearMedecineUniversity of GomaGoma
02Bonasse R.3rd YearInformaticsISC of GomaGoma
03Esperance M.3rd YearNursingISTM of GomaGoma
04Olive U.1st YearMedecineUniversity of GomaGoma
05Justin M.Form 2SecondaryMaranathaGoma
06Arsene H.Grade 1PrimaryMont CarmelGoma
07Nathalie N.Grade 1PrimaryMont CarmelGoma
08Marie-Louise N.Form 1SecondaryInstitut Chem-ChemGoma
09Mupenzi N.Grade 1PrimaryEP KibabiMasisi
10Dukunda N.Grade 2PrimaryEP KibabiMasisi
11Mukamana N.Grade 3PrimaryEP RubayaMasisi
12Imani N.Grade 2PrimaryEP RubayaMasisi
13Erick F.Grade 6PrimaryEP KibabiMasisi

        4 Students at University: $ 1000/year
        2 student at Secondary School: $ 500/year
        7 Students at primary school: $ 150 x 7 = $ 1050/year

These fees include partial food stipends. Family members do assist sometimes with food during harvest season. We are trying to meet a target of $ 40 per month per student in order to satisfy their daily life especially those living in Goma. That would be $ 40 x 8 = $ 320 monthly. This would supply them with food and uniforms and school utilities. Please, kindly donate towards this project here.

Project 2: Primary School Construction in Mugunga

This project is going to be undertaken in partnership with the EELA church that is supplying the plot and the UBSD non profit organization. These 2 are based in the Congo-DR. The project phase I is due to start Jan 2012 in the case funds become available. Please, kindly donate towards this project here.


There are three categories of membership in the Association:
(a) Active Member: a person actively participating in the association and in good standing in payment of membership fees;
(b) Affiliate Member: a person with a continuing interest in the objects of the Association, who is in good standing in payment of the membership fees, but who does not participate actively in the association;
(c) Honorary Member: a person who becomes a life member by being honoured for outstanding participation in the Association. Such a member might choose to be active or affiliate.

Membership fees are fixed at 4.00 Canadian dollars a month. Please pay membership fees here, and send us an email at : so that we can update your Membership Account.
Are you already a member? Please pay $4 membership fees here, and send us an email at : so that we can update your Membership Account.
Are you joining us today? Please Join us by paying the $4 membership fees here, and send us an email at : so that we process your membership.